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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard

Your books have helped me shed the accumulated baggage of a very heavy religious read Catholic upbringing. I always even as a child questioned what was fed to us children by those who taught us. Although I am sure most of the clergy are good people at heart, I to this day despise the ground they walk on for the fear they inflicted during my time at school.

I vividly remember be humiliated in front of the whole primary school at the age of 7 because I told the nun I didn’t believe in God. If I had committed a serious crime I would have received more leniency!

Reading your books with a very open mind has allowed me to achieve a measure of calm within, being able to put this indoctrination to rest.
My hope is in this world is that more people opened their minds and questioned instead of blindly following the herd mentality. My sentiments are with you regarding the upbringing of children without religious indoctrination which I can happily say my own children are aware of all faiths and slaves to none. Incredibly they are well adjusted functioning young people who have a strong sense of what constitutes acceptable behaviour and morals. They are free to make their own choices if they wish, with the knowledge to do so that comes from having open minds not blinded and blinkered which was my childhood experience.

Many thanks for the books your brilliant mind and laying down the alternative to dogma.

Peter Goodfellow

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