Some files for you — thick “Professor”, Ugly, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(82)

Jan 29, 2013

Let’s cut to the chase as you and everyone will agree that you have had all sort of people contact you about your verbal diarrhoeas towards:
1. The King of kings
2. The Ancient of days
3. The Maker [God Almighty] of Heaven, Earth, and that dwell in them…
4. The Judge and LORD Almighty…

on different styles of communicating with you, some softly apologetic, some angrily verbally abusive – you do deserve this way too because as we know, the earth is round and not everyone will be nicely spoken :)’… but I just go straight to the point sandwiched between the main types of communicants!
I will not bother with all of that….

I have seen you stumped ( on YouTube videos a lot on adhoc and impromptu interviews and you squirm like a sad retarded OAP – “Old Age Pensioner” – pensioner that has just found a new gizmo [Christianity] to abuse & play with. Have you tried to, for a season, take on Islam specifically? Let’s see the outcome and success of that prank, which under “fatua law”, like Salmon Rushdie, might fast track your existence to rapid end.

It was so lovely to see and know that there are many of your own ilk that do make you look like an educated illiterate :), who’s life is swiftly ebbing away and being a miserably failed individual, has nothing to show for his life and quickly as life wastes away began to create a scheme like that of a dodgy “Pyramid Scheme” to fool “lame duckers” – the stupid followers of yours.

I am happy to say to you that there are still plenty of people to answer you on your diatribes and junk theories that, like satan and his ploys, does not hold water, and I furnish you and your followers this easy (honestly for a thick-some like you who finds it difficult to understand the simplest scientific theories and grammatical constructs) to view, approximately 4.5mins clip ( debunking your junk theories and flaws in your thinking, once again showing your mental instability like that of the sadistic greats of theirs and our time respectively – e.g Lucifer, Stalin, Hitler, Tony Bliar et al. The only thing that I don’t like about the clip is considering you a smart mind(!), I think that was just a ‘nice-before-the-attack’ gesture, so don’t get carried away!

BTW Dawkins, how on earth did you get your professorship? Oh I suppose you bought it like Americans, Africans, English etc buying theirs for a fee?Who paid for it Channel 4 or BBC? You have really have brought into disrepute the titleship (“professor”) of honourable OxBridge academicians!
You do like pooooooh here –, sorry to say 🙁

Resources for you in your spare times:
1. The Darwin Dilemma
2. Dawkins Delusion
3. Expelled

…the list goes on!

Hail thee…the POPE of Atheism and grandiose junk master Dawkins!

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