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Jan 29, 2013

After reading all those vitriolic comments in ‘the ugly’ section on your website, I felt compelled to say something positive!
I was raised (brainwashed) as a Christian from birth. As a result, I was an unhappy, confused, fearful and tormented person. Finally, at the age of 35 I began to consider whether maybe everything I had been taught, and believed, about God, was not true. I concluded that God was not who I had thought he was and began to wonder, if Christianity was not true, then which religion had the answers? Then I read “The God Delusion”.

As a result I realised there was another possibility – that no religion has the answer, that in fact, there is no god. The moment I considered this possibility, was a true conversion moment for me. My whole life, and the world around me, suddenly made complete sense to me, if god didn’t exist. Suddenly, for the first time ever, I felt at peace with myself and with the world.
It’s difficult to express just how much happier I have been, and how much better my life has been, every day in the four years since that moment.
I am now in the middle of reading “The Greatest Show on Earth” and loving it. It is so exciting to be revisiting all this information, and appreciating the true wonder of it all, without the blinkers and filters in place that I had when I studied many of those same things during my science degree when I was a Christian. My logical, rational, scientific mind, finally has free reign!

Thank You Richard Dawkins

Angus McKenzie

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