Thank God for Richard Dawkins :-) , Good, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(1745)

Jan 29, 2013

Professor Dawkins

Thanks to you, there are many people that will be able to think more critically & freely. I understand many will still stay under the spell that religion casts upon them and may never change, however; thanks to you many can overcome their religious indoctrination. Thanks to you and many other scientists I am truly able to see the world for what it truly is. It is because of people like you I will never preach in the shadow of ignorance. You give hope to a species (humans) that may have had no hope. Every time I read your books, watch your interviews etc you give me another reason to dislike religion and follow in your footsteps.

Thank you so much for existing! (Thank God for Professor Richard Dawkins haha.)


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