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Jan 29, 2013

dear richard

a friend told me about u and i went on you tube and found your tv doco’s the root of all evil and enemies od reason.I considered myself an agnostic all these years untill i saw your show,i had to laugh at my own stupidity for callin myself an agnostic becasue i couldnt prove god did not exist.
I am now a proud athiest and whenever somone tries to convert me, i ask them if they are a creationist and then then tell them how old the world really is and that science is greater,it always lead to long arguments but i love it and if i can make there face turn red with anger and start swearing, i take that as a victory.
I wish i had the pleasure of seeing u in my high school years and im sure i wouldnt of wasted my time there but wouldve instead studied hard to become an expert in one field of science so i could contribute.

yours sincerely luke olsen

p.s thank you for making the world a better place for everyone to live in

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