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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard Dawkins,

Browsing through ‘Waterstone’s, I noticed ‘The God Delusion’ and immediately bought it and on reading it I was overwhelmed by sheer logic and strength of your argument. I am 73 and for a number of years I have been atheist but only recently have I actually told people so. My conversion began after I lost my mother and a sister in an air raid during the war and I have questioned religion ever since. One tries to accept the Christian ethic and teachings but the downright absurdities and silliness of religion and the church became more obvious, such as the vicar who recently advocated that people should swear [effing and blinding] because Jesus would have used the same language. So much for trying to bring ones children up properly. For more proof of the balminess of religion, look up the God channel on Freeveiw to watch what you call ‘Wingnuts’ deliver their utter tripe to an unthinking, moronic adoring audience, it’s hilarious. Then there’s the incumbent Archbishop of Canterbury who leaves listeners baffled with admiration after yet one more of his incoherent and convoluted speeches. I stopped going to church dozens of years ago but out of respect always went when it was Remembrance Sunday. Some years ago I was listening to a Salvationist deliver the sermon on one such Sunday and he said, Quote’ ” Since the birth of Jesus 9 billion people had been killed by war’ unquote. I felt like shouting out “Where was/is this loving God who is suppose to protect us!’ Nine billion! and that doesn’t count those that have been murdered, died of pestilence, hunger, storm and disease or whatever. Some weeks later that Tsunami struck and wiped out a third of a million people. Words fail me! I no longer attend the Remembrance service.

I am now reading ‘The God Delusion’ for the third time but randomly opening pages. I liked the quote, ” Lighthouses are more useful than churches” Exactly!

Like Desmond Morris, I await ‘When all religious bigotry is dumped in the dustbin of history’.
Richard, Thank you.
Tony Eaton.

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