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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,
I´ve been a believer all my life. I was raised up as catholic and in my teens I became a mormon. I´ve always been wondering, but nothing could fill my eagerness to find the truth and a plausible answer for my questions. It´s been thanks to you that now I´ve comprehended what I could not. As an atheist, things make more sense now and I´m capable of thinking and deciding for myself. All makes sense now and I´m in peace with my conscience and reason.
As an anecdote I´ll confess that all my life I´ve been afraid of the dark. Thinking about ghosts, demons and spirits didn´t allow me to stay in a dark room or empty house. Now that I´m an atheist I´ve overcome my superstitions and fears. I see life in a wider view and I´m more tolerant towards everyone.
I want to thank you for teaching me the importance of science, of learning and of progress. Now I feel a bit upset for all the time, money and efforts wasted in a void and harmful idea, but I´m glad about thinking of the bright future instead of the dark past. I owe you a lot of time! Thank you for opening my eyes and for your example.
Yours sincerely,
Ramón Campos, Spain.

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