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Jan 29, 2013

Hi Richard

I just love the way your mind works and have read your books many times. I wouldn’t label myself as a convert or an atheist, I’d just like to say that I am so happy I found your work and that you have saved me in a way. Saved me from so much confusion and so many questions that used to haunt me. I come from a very orthodox Hindu Brahmin family in India. From the time I was little, I showed very less interest in God and religious activity. And was always mocked for this.

After reading you, I don’t feel guilty about rejecting the things that some members of my family continue to believe in. Its been 3 yrs since I moved to the UAE (Dubai), an Islamic country where talking about religion is highly discouraged. I don’t have an issue with this cos not many people understand the way I feel about religion. However, off late, I have been having issues with relating to a good friend of mine; I’ve known her for 3 years now and she’s been there for me during times I’ve needed help. She is deeply religious, she even converted to Islam as she is married to a Muslim. It didn’t matter to me few months back, but recently I can only see how foolish she is to change her faith and believe in something that’s so preposterous and stupid.

I do care for her but I just find myself getting irritated and concerned that this is affecting our relationship.

Have you been in a situation like this? How did you deal with it?

Anyway, just wanted to say that I am so glad I stumbled upon your work. You’re great and I wish that someday I could meet you and have a chat about the wonders of the universe and how this in itself is such a magical thing.

Lots of regards


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