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Jan 29, 2013

Hi Mr. Dawkins,

Before anything I want to thank you. Before I read any of your books and listened to many of your lectures and interviews on the internet I, deep down, was always an atheist. Guess I always masked it and kept it hidden. I had no explanation for life and the great diversity it presents. Then, I read The God Delusion. That book by itself gave me a courage and power I thought I would never have. I felt free and felt a greater respect for nature and mankind’s duty to preserve it and all our knowledge of it. I felt the need to learn, I even began taking more of an interest in the one subject in school which, prior to reading The God Delusion, bored me, Mathematics. I also improved in areas which I already excelled in such as Biology chemistry and physics, the great sciences if you will. But mostly what it did was give me a basis from which to respond to several theological arguments which have been thrown my way.

Of course, as all atheists know, you cannot escape discrimination and several forms of disrespect and misunderstanding. When I came out and told my family I was shunned for a while. I was forcibly taken to a priest who was supposed to talk to me to remove the “satanically curious aspects of my mind”. Its funny to mention that he began talking to me and we got into an argument which I ended up winning. Long story short my parents have begun to accept my way of thinking.

Thank you. You have freed me and shown me that my mind can use logic and reason to debunk any irrational claim that may infringe on my liberty.

Once again Thank You,
Andres Cruz

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