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Jan 29, 2013

Dearest Richard, I just this moment finished watching your ‘Genius of Darwin’ series and laughing myself into a stupor at you reading out the letters sent by ‘christians’. I wonder sometimes, has anyone been midway through writing a letter like that and thought to themselves “this isn’t a very christian way to talk to somebody, perhaps im on the wrong path”

Anyway, onto myself, My name is Scott and I was raised a Jehovah’s wittness in Australia (by loving parents!!) I struggled with my own belief issues for well over a decade but with (now somewhat outdated material) christian proof shown to me to point to the lack of logic in evolution I had little other choice but to believe so I struggled on and quite often found myself in church thinking to myself “that just doesn’t seem right”

I thank you for the god delusion which opened my eyes and I thank you for The Greatest story ever told which opened my brain. I do consider myself a mildly intellectual person, not on your level by any means, but my brain does make connections quite well and I have one i would just quickly like to share with you:

On ‘Genius of Darwin’ you were having a debate with a most annoying christian man and he challenged you by saying that you “cannot see evolution so it is a fallacy.” You went on to try to explain to him why that is when, to me, the simple answer is that you cannot see god either so by his own logic god must not exist. (Id love to have seen his face had you said that to him)

I would like to finish by saying that I am not a very easily led person and as such I have differences in view from the ones you have, while I am an atheist (thank you) at least to the gods proposed in today’s society. I have grave doubts over the big bang still and I think that perhaps there was something or someone who kick started the whole thing but I will not concern my own life with trying to please him.

I find my joy in the search for life on other planets or even in the very deepest parts of our oceans. Wherever it may be life really is amazing and I thank you for improving mine.


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