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Jan 29, 2013

Thank you so much dear Mr. Dawkins for helping me to start a new life by sharing your thoughts with me!

To tell you how big a liberation it really has been let me tell you about what I’ve been through in brief…

As a young gay man who was brought up catholic I joined a group of gay catholics (courage) that tries to live a chaste life… the result was a suicide attempt and me becoming an alcoholic and drug addict. I escaped addiction – only to find myself in the next cult: Alcoholics Anonymous. I spent more than ten years in AA every day flagelating myself for imagined sins, being indoctrinated that if I didn’t do as the “Big Book” says I would die. The slogans went something like this: “Who cares if AA is brainwash – you definately need one!” or “We either hang out together or you’ll hang separately”, “I cant God can” “The spiritual program is only a suggestion – of the sort you’ll hear from the airline hostess when she says put the oxygen masks on” and so on…

When I finally couldn’t take that any longer I ended up in the “Church” of Scientology…always looking for the Higher Power I had been brought up and told I couldn
t make it without…

I have left AA, have left Scientology and the Roman Catholic Church and am now happier and more confident than ever before. Life is good and I don’t run around feeling guilty all the time.

Looking back I am shocked to see clearly now that I had been hallucinating most of my life. It really does seem to be part of my make up. I don’t think I’m more stupid than average people, I hold a masters degree in law… faith – the process of non-thinking had destroyed a lot of my life. Thank you Mr. Dawkins for giving it back to me.

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