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Jan 29, 2013


It was maybe 2 or 3 years ago when I watched a video of you
having a some sort of debate with Bill O’Reilly. Those times I was still a
believer, mostly because I had been brought up in a christian family.
Mother is a theist, I dont know about my dad. Anyway, it was only about
about one week after watching it, and I simply had no other choice but to
stop believing. And yes, there was some kind of “empty hole” inside me
after I had explained so many things in my life by a supernatural

As any true free thinker would say, supernatural never explains
anything. I became extremely curious about the world around me. After
these two years, science has became some kind of obsession to me. I
studied hard sciences so much, that I won my countrys high
school-competition in theoretical chemistry, and was in top-20 in
mathematics and physics as well. I was also close of getting into
International Chemistry Olympiad of Japan. Now I’m studying both medicine
and physics in two different universities.

Richard, Thank you so much for being in that show. I could have never imagined how beautiful the truth is.

And I have to apologize my terrible language skills. I’m sorry, science is way more intresting.

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