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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins.

I am 25 years old, and actually, thinking about my life when I was only a child in my religious school I am sure that when I was 8 years old I became an atheist. And today I have to thanks to my parents and you for this amazing gift. And it have an easy explanation

I am from Seville in Spain, and obviously, as my parents, I was raised in catholicism. The big different between my parents and me was that my parents had no chance because the lived in a catholic dictatorship. But was my catholics parent who instilled in me the love for the sciencie and the reason. It is something great, it is something amazing, because it is the evidence that even in a religious dictatorship the people still have freedom, even in their minds. So, as an effect, when I was 8 years old and in my school a priest punished me because I said that the earth rotates very fast (and he said that it was impossible because the consequence would be that the people, trees and mountains would be thrown into the space… Newtoon!!!), was the first time that I thought that an adult could be wrong. So, my next reflexion was that if an adult was wrong about how this planet works… what he knew about the universe?
The bad side was the I was only 8 years old. So, I didn’t said something, and I was punished for a week. But I still knew the truth about the earth.

I think in this moment I started to be an atheist, because it was the first time that I fought against an enemy of the reason. From that day, every book that I have read, every night studying, it is close to me to the knowledge, and far away to the beliefs. And in my second year at the university was when I met you. Thanks to show me that I am not alone. thank you for giving words to my thougths, thank you to give me courage to spaeak about it and discover that I am not alone in my city, in my conuntry.

Forgive my english and thank you so much for making public atheism.

José Aurelio Ventura Martín.

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