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Jan 29, 2013

Firstly, i want to apologize for my poor English. I’m your great fan, from Poland and I want to say – thanks Richard.

Thanks for evolution lesson. In my school, teacher probably knows nothing about evolution. I finally understand evolution, when i saw one of Your documentary film. This film gave me a question “What about creationism? Is truth? Or fake?”. I read about “Arguments for Existence of God”. I bought the book “The God Delusion”. When i read it, I said in my mind “Obviously! Creationism it is lie!”.

Now, I’m a happy Atheist. In fact, I have always been an atheist, but I did not know about it. I have kept the Ten Commandments, not for fear, not for glories. I just know my own morality. My own “desiderata” was similar to Ten Commandments, that’s why i was thinking “God is right”. I never need to be catholic to be a good man.
I hope that my letter is understandable, I need to finally learn English…
Pozdrawiam! This is “greetings” in Polish 😉

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