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Jan 29, 2013

Yes I’m a convert ! Partly thanks to Professor Dawkins, partly thanks to Youtube (I’m a Dawkins subscriber). I’m finding my atheist self online, and feel passionate about the freedom and diversity of thought applying to all of us, in different classes and educational levels. The fact you can find Dawkins on Youtube makes it the best thing since the printing press!

I used to find him a bit of a bully, and cold and humourless, although fascinating, and I think got interested against my original intent! (Although I still find the comparison between teaching creationism and holocaust denial needlessly upsetting – sorry 🙁 Might have been pursuaded faster without that, but nobody’s perfect). He’s a good man as well as intelligient, and cares a lot for human beings than people like the Pope.

I’ve kind of reached the conclusion the only good religion, if there is any, is where the religion has been filleted out – I mention this as I once attended service where the sermen consisted of a section of Hitch-Hiker’s Guide! Beautiful irony, wish I could remember where it was, long time ago.

Would also like to mention a (very dear) creationist friend of mine who says all her science teacher said on evolution was “Some people think we came from monkeys” (that’s not actually legal, is it?). Sadly, she insists that Dawkins (she hadn’t known who he was before I showed her) “Doesn’t really answer questions”, which I guess is quite a typical response.
She says you can’t tell how old something is, but, whereas she used to deny dinosaurs, she now says they DID exist but it must have been within the past 6,000 years. I’m counting that as an opinion change. A single step!

I mention that because she and I each had a lot of trouble at school and are not degree holders. As I say, for me it’s about fairness.

Sorry if that’s longer than you wanted, thanks for your time 🙂

Al X

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