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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,

I’d often lived under the idea that I was growing up in a
Christian/Catholic society. I took to heart the idea that I may be best
served by keeping quiet about my own secular beliefs, thinking that
being the “odd one out” about world views would only cause me hardships
in my social life as well as future career endeavours. It wasn’t until
last year that I was introduced to your works that so elegantly outlined
and made clear the theory of evolution as well as how impractical the
belief in a God truly is.

After reading these few works, I grew what I will freely admit to be an
obsession with the need to understand more; more about life, the world
around me and its origins. I found myself reading nearly anything I
could, watching several documentaries on the subjects of atheism and
evolution, all of which emboldened me into being more outwardly open
with my beliefs. I expected to be met with criticism, what I hadn’t
expected was the actual reception I got.

Through talking with friends and neighbours, I found more and more
people who were like myself. The more people I talked to about my
belief system, the more I found that my city is more like-minded with
myself. Several more people followed along and I eventually found that
almost the whole of my area is full of non-believers. I was absolutely
astonished to find that, of the 100 or so people that would attend a
given mass, maybe only 5 or 6 truly believed what they were partaking

I think this demonstrates the power of the snowball effect. With just
enough people “coming out” about their atheist beliefs, we had hit a
threshold of people and we had broken open the flood gates that held us
in the stagnant reservoir of faith for far too long.

I sincerely hope that this doesn’t stop with my own home city.

Thank You,
Jeff Carey

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