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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,
I am naturally aware from your wide array of publications that you are an overt atheist and have had the opportunity, on various occassions to read parts of your musings.

Firstly let me confess early on that I am a Bible beleiving christian or what you would term as a ‘born again christian’ for want of a better term and that I am not writing to insight an argument nor to criticise you in any way but rather to fuel thought and reason, both subjects I know you are an advocate of.

It is entirely apparent the assertions you make both in your written work and spoken words, that you are absolutely convinced there is no God and that the natural world we witness on earth and in the cosmos has all come about by mechanical, largely physics/chemical based means.

What I would like to do is throw in some pertinent dialogue that I think needs considering should you be so bold to proclaim there is no God.

The Complexity of Life – It is clear the more we delve into the biochemical foundations of life, it is apparent that we are complex, in places beyond the comprehesion of our own intellect (such as much of the functionality of the brain still being mysterious).

Humans for example are not merely sacks of chemicals but rather living, breathing, seeing, reasoning beings all supported by a myriad of operating organs seemingly programmed to carry out, often multiple functions without the owner’s consiousness.

Now when you consider man-made objects such as cars, computers etc. you know that a designer or designers have given rise to such machines due to their complexity and clear purposeful functionality. Would it not be reasonable to even consider there is a creator behind all life that we see on earth in the knowledge that they are exponentially more complex than that which we have the capacity to create. It seems to me to be far less likely that living organisms could evolve (especially due to the fact they are irreducibly complex but for the sake of diverting away I won’t go there!) when they indicate the complex functional design of a creator.

Now I know that you are reasoning man; before to produce a knee-jerk answer from the realms of science which you have relied upon all these years, take a moment to just consider that you might possibly be mistaken.

There are so many arguments for or against both theories but I am sure that you are reasonable enough to spot the perceivable blind spots in both the creationist view and the evolutionist view.

I just think it is too protracted to claim there is no God when you do not have all of the evidence.

There are so many more subjects that we could touch on but I am writing this in my lunch break and time simply does not afford it on this occasion.

Despite all of the anger you might have experienced from Christians I want you to know that I feel it is wrong to lash out at you but rather I would rather reach out to you and talk about these things like sensible people.

I trust you are well and hope that you might find the time to respond as I would love to know what you think.

Yours sincerely
Ray Mellor-Pike

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