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Jan 29, 2013

In 1989, I was born in the beautiful Salzburg in Austria and in my
first years I was raised religious. When I get older, I started to get
interested in astrophysics and other sciences. In the age of 16, I
decide to read the three “big” books of faith. (The Bible, the Tora
and the Koran)After these three books (took about a year), I decided
to also read LaVeys Satanic Bible. After done that, I came to the
conclusion, that none of these Books have the same thinking or the
same ideologie like me. They were all just disgusting, sexist, elitist
and homophobe.

This was the first time I got rid of all religions, but I still was
something like an agnostic. It tooked another year and further
interest into science, until I spoke to my self with rational thinking
and with the conclusion that there is no god. It wasnt actually that
much of a deal for me and my family, but I have to say, that I feel
more free since I ralized this.

Finally, after a lot of my friends recommended it to me, I read youre
Book “The god delusion”. Richard, what should I say? Rational,
serious, but allways with a touch of humor I really liked. You don’t
converted me to an Atheist, i did it by myself, but you really gave us
a kind of a foundational Book or something, which we can recommend to
people, who are not sure, if atheism can give them an answer for the
“Big questions”. This is why I came here and I really wan’t to thank
you for all you have done, i would be pleased if you would come to
Austria sometime to speak. I’m gonna be there.

Peace & Love

Mario Wiedemaier
Salzburg, Austria

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