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Jan 29, 2013


From a young age, the fairy tales of the bible kept me quite content, knowing that I was going to heaven was good enough. However, throughout the course of my teenage years, of which I am only just leaving, I began to question that which had never crossed my mind as far-fetched before.

For my conversion, two people must be thanked, firstly, Richard, your books have inspired my conversion and have led me to drop this massive and unnecesarry weight from my shoulders, allowing me to pursue more life fulfilling experiences. Infact, you have signed my copies of The God Delusion and The Greatest Show On Earth when your visited my academy a few months ago. To a crowd of enthusiastic teenagers in Dingwall Academy, in the Highland of Scotland, you delivered a talk on Science, one which rivvetted me and left me with a gloating sentence that Richard Dawkins had signed my copies. That leads me to my second influence.

My close friend Matthew, who organised your visit to our Academy, has been a massive influence in converting me from my stubborn Christian ways. Throughout my final years in Academy, i had begun to question my faith and had even began to organise a Baptism, speaking to my local Roman Catholi Priest. Ironically I say Thank God I was talked out of this by my friend. He helped me see that, with no evidence to suggest the existence of God, there was no reason for me to believe in him. My own tenets had been put in place, such as that God had overseen evolution, as evolution is a FACTand I obviously couldn’t argue with, so as to provide a balance to my childhood intelligent design ideas.

My friend has been through the same experiences as I, in that during our Primary education years, The extremely Christian-oriented learning and activites left us with the impression that what we had been told was completely correct, it was only till later that we managed to shake loose the shackles of childhood indoctrination.

So, to you Richard and to my friend Matthew, Thank you.
Without this influence, my life would have been cluttered with ignorance and idiocy.
Thank you again.


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