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Jan 29, 2013

Hi Richard!

I just finish to read ” The god Delusion ” and it was a delight for my eyes and mind and for that i Thank you.

I, gladly, born in a country, (Portugal), that religion is not abusely taught in school and fortunately science is very well taught.

You haven’t convert me and that is just because i was “free” for that delusion many years ago, to be truthful i never have been a believer, as you said in the book i was an abused child, till i was 16 i went to church every Sunday and it was a pain in the ass… and because of that i never took it seriously…

What makes me write was that, despite the fact that i am a non-believer, I wasn´t on possession of many facts and arguments that you wrote on the book and it clearly opened even more my mind and believe it gave more will to learn more about the evolution of species, which i already knew from my times of school but as you can imagine the weren´t able to teach all about it, never the less what i mean is despite the fact that i was free, before i read your book, by the time i finish it i was even more free.

Free to start appreciate even more the time I will be on this planet, to look around and enjoy every little detail of things.

Best regard´s

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