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Jan 29, 2013

I am currently about 4/5ths through this wonderful book. I have been an atheist for most of my adult life having been “born to catholic parents” and thrown off the “faith” in my late teens. I only came across your book by chance. I was in WH Smiths buying a set of Lemony Snicket books for my youngest,and found myself waiting in a queue besides which your book was displayed. (It was in amongst fictional novels but only because they were all bestsellers) Recognising your name I decided to buy it!

I have always thought, once I was allowed to think outside the confines of a catholic schools education, that religion was “a load of old magumba”! (Just a phrase that a friend uses to describe anything that is made up rubbish) My own personal outlook on religion has been, let them get on with it. But leave me alone! This for the most part has served me well over the years with some notable exceptions! Reading your book has made me realise how much damaging influence the God Botherers have on our world and perhaps I should take a more proactive stance on the issue.

One of the evils that religion perpretrates where I live is assumptions on ones beliefs determined on which football team you support. You may have guessed I live in Glasgow (UK). I recently had to defend myself from the defamation as a religious bigot! This was based solely on my support of one side of the Old Firm.(Which one is irrelevant) It was assumed that because of this affiliation I held particular religious and political beliefs. I Explained my atheism nullified any religious bias and therefore by default the politics involved. It never occurred to my accuser that I might have exercised free thought and reason! I was not however surprised by the vitriolic nature of the accusation. As you have covered in your book it would appear that my assumed beliefs have passed to me just like”original sin”!

Keep up the good work

TC Shields

PS Hope you appreciated “born to catholic parents”

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