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Jan 29, 2013

hello Dr.Richard,

Writing to you is on my mind for a long long time .. but i did not do it , because i do not think you will read it , which will be a waste of my time .. and second because i do not think it will add anything to you , and that will be a waste of your time ..
however, thinking that you “might” actually look upon this page one day before you die and just have any positive feeling made me write this down ,,

I want to thank you for writing the God Delusion ..

I was raised as a muslim .. a good warm family with both parents as scientists .. and even with their open minds they could not answer the bothersome questions that i shot and – as a child of seven years old- i ended up wishing i die soon so i could go up to God and ask him aaaaaaaall the questions that i had in mind ( because he can answer every question if he wants to ) .. i did not pray for heaven or for a pony or a Barby or little sister( which i wanted more than anything else) .. i prayed to have a talk , and to get some answers .
My prayers are not answered as you can see ..

Your book was the final stage of my conversion ..

In my society , i have never heard of anyone in or outside on planet Earth who could actually be able to NOT worship anybody .. be an Atheist
so ,,, yes .. I DIDNT KNOW THAT I COULD!!!
to me people who didnt worship God existed only in a holy book .. they lived long time ago and they didnt believe in God because they were absolutely idiot and stupid .. they asked silly questions too to the prophet .
asking questions is not very polite , people are expected to take many things for granted and religion tops the list ..
also, women are not supposed to be that smart .. and i am a female .. which makes me a woman and thats not a very popular species ..
and most importantly , again, i did not know that i can do it!! no one i know told me anything about people who can breathe and not worship someone .. I did not ask , so i deserve it i suppose ,,

then one day i went to the University and had my first lecture of Evolution ..
it is a very dangerous thing to teach this in an Islamic country .. however, i had a strange enough human as my teacher ,, and i can totally say today that he is an atheist , may be the only one in my country ..
He taught us about someone -super super smart – called Darwin , about animals , about the beginning of life , about the system we are living in ..
and that day changed my life ..

my personal conclusions were :
1/ Just because we humans can communicate, that does not mean by any chance that we are the best!! and the cockroaches are less .. because they are much more interesting to me .. three of my class-friends started to avoid me after a heated discussions where i said ” I respect cockroaches , and humans are idiots to think they are better”
* religious book said: humans were honored by being blessed with the Brain .. God honored them and made them the best over other species ..

2/ It is impossible to have two grandparents out of no where .. when everytime i look at a fish i can see many possibilities ..

3/ I need to know/ learn the time .. and by time , i mean this Planet time ..

The problem , once you doubt God’s existence , there is no way , absolutely no way back .. i do not know about other people .. but i tried really hard to bury mine doubts and be the good muslim that i know i can be .. and be a good human in my society ..
But i could not achieve that ..
then decided that being 15 at the time i went to University , which is quiet unusual , that I have plenty of time to think about it ..
My mother , who is a friend of mine, told me that she had that stage too when she was young .. and it was a wise decision to take time to think it over ..
i decided to decide when i become 25 years old ..
ten years are enough to read more , figure out some theories and make conclusions ..

then your book came into view as a borrowed book from a mother of my friend , who is an assistant professor of Theology ( and a very religious one) in my University ,,

So far , I read the book 7 times .. not because i am stupid nor slow ..
because it is so much fun to not reread again ..
every time i go inside a train , bus , plane going anywhere ..i took it .. and laugh out very loud reading it ..
last time , reading Russel’ respond ” NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE, GOD.. NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE” made me laugh so hard on a trip that i cried .. passengers were all looking at me .. and my friend ( a very dedicated Evolutionist) told me that i am crazy..

I learned English by reading books .. but I think this book was very fulfilling academically, mentally , linguistically and emotionally ..
everytime i read it , i laugh , think and feel uplifted .. It is like having a long warm shower and eating a nice warm meal and hugging a wide comfy bed after a long troublesome day ..
I am in love with a book .. this is ridiculous

My problem is , a side from you, a friend of mine , two sweet physicists and me , no one knows or suspects that this is what i believe in ,,
the word Athiest is totally out of the processing system of my people ..
people who are educated , open minded and real to me ..
I am faced with the relief that this belief brings ..
I am also faced with the loneliness that it brings ..
my best friends can not handle the word .. my family already is having trouble dealing with my ” strong” character .. and myself is troubled by the fact that “i am who i am ,but living this one and only very short period of time as a lonely isolated being surrounded by science is really not that attractive”

Still thinking of how to come out and stop worrying ..
still thinking about when will the human brains around me start to function properly ..
and still feeling grateful to my teacher , the cockroach biopsy .. and to you my dear sir ..

I have always been independent in my mind and still am .. now i am 22 and i think i am happy that i do not need to waste two more years of my life .. you saved them for me .. so thank you very much ..

oh .. have I told you that I am also worried of the death penalty that faces converts like me??
and i also think alot about the fact that asthiests are very independant individuals .. and i can hardly picture them organized or grouping together in a cafe or a bar or a lecture or anything ..
the idea seems too childish for me i am sorry ..

I think i love my life , i love that my mind is open .. and that even tonight if given very strong proves that God exists i can still go to my mind and tell it to add the extra information .. i love the way i enjoy plants, animals, rocks and meteorites .. i love when religious people talk , because i laugh from my heart ,, and i love going to the cathedral on Sunday to listen to the music they play .. note:I am a muslim ..
I also love the way that i am myself’s own God ,, i decide what to do, right my wrongs, make my judgements , award myself and punishes it when it becomes silly .. I love the human species .. sometimes i wish i was a bird , and sometimes i wish i was smarter to invent a time machine to go check when exactly was God made .. and then go to the future to check out when will planet Earth wake up .. it will be so much fun ..

i am babbling ..
Please Excuse me for grammatical , spelling and other mistakes please .. this is not my language ..
your writing is so classy that at some points i start imagining that you are some form of royalty and i am a street girl .. really funny ..

please keep up your delicious work .. it brightens my time .. and try to live long .. it will be a waste to not have you around this pitiful beautiful planet ..

Thank you for your book .. i will start reading the others when i make some money

yours faithfully

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