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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,

Having now read both books, I would argue that it is your latest masterpiece The Greatest Show On Earth which is at least – if not more! – capable than The God Delusion when it comes to helping people to finally rid their minds of that intellectually-debilitating, anxiety-inducing virus called ‘Religion’.

In western Europe at least, I think it is probably fair to describe the majority of people as being broadly non-religious. But many (including myself until I read The Greatest Show On Earth) whilst rejecting supernatural non-answers, feel that they don’t sufficiently understand the rational, scientific explanations which you set out with such clarity and limitless verve in your latest book.

While devouring it, I quickly became aware of just how rudimentary and inadequate my grasp of evolution had previously been. But more importantly, for the first time ever I understood perfectly and fully exactly why it is that organised religions were (and often still are) so determined to suppress and deny the fact of evolution. The myth of a supreme controlling deity is reduced to anaemic feebleness compared to the strange, elegant, wondrous still-unfolding narrative that evolution presents.

I received a fairly typical British state education attending mixed, non-religious schools which were nonetheless legally compelled at the time to subject my fellow pupils and I to sessions of compulsory near-daily worship. And I can still remember when an evangelical group visited the school and issued each of us with our own personal little copy of the Bible… As if distributing a book which advocates the execution of homosexuals was no different to dishing out the latest Roald Dahl sensation! The long-term effects of this indoctrination run deep in our psyches, and organised religions are only too eager spend our adult lives raking over the muck they put in our heads as children.

Strong medicine is required to neutralise such religious poison and The Greatest Show On Earth is the most invigorating and exhilarating tonic that could be prescribed! How truly wonderful it would be to see this book reproduced in a specially revised and additionally illustrated edition that could become the standard textbook for secondary level science/biology lessons!

Many Thanks and Best Wishes,

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