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Jan 29, 2013

The story of a person’s journey from devout Christian to the complete dismissal of faith is almost always a profound one. With that in mind, I’ll try to make this a succinct life story composed of bullet points!

– Born into a very Christian family

– I go with the flow for my first years

– At the age that I could comprehend religion, I became close to god. You know, one of those “personal relationships”. I “felt god’s presence”.

– At age 13, I question god’s intentions as I go through severe depression

– Age 14, the first hint of doubt surfaces

– Christian summer camp brings me back to religion

– I hear about the God Delusion. It’s shocking. Just the title itself! Calling god a delusion?!

– I hear about the Flying Spaghetti Monster

– After reading and studying extensively, I renounce my faith

– Age 16, I am comfortable denying god without fear of damnation

– Age 17, Richard Dawkins’ (I hope the irony is not missed) crusade inspires me to speak out against religion, which had me fear eternal damnation for a few years of my life

– Age 18, I decide to tell my story. Thank you Mr. Dawkins, with the help of you and a giant wad of spaghetti, I am an outspoken atheist. My family goes to church without me. If I ever feel bad about being the only one (I don’t) I just count the hours they spend concerning themselves with a vengeful imaginary friend.

Again, thank you.

Best wishes


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