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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard Dawkins,

Thank you for changing my life. I am a 23 year old born again atheist. I was an atheist for most of my teenage years but I hit some tough times when I was 20 and turned to faith. I was a Christian for about 2 and half years. I soon realised that religion contradictory to the values I held but I just wanted faith. I wanted to believe there was someone up there giving me the strength to carry on.

At first I was too scared to read the god delusion as I didn’t want to lose my faith. Once I got over that fear I picked it up and I am officially back to my old atheist ways. I realised the strength that got me through the tough times was from myself, family and friends and not from a god. Religion truly does undermine the true capabilities of human kind. In fact, religion teaches that we are hopeless without god.

I would love to meet you one day. The world seems even more wonderful and astounding as an atheist than as a Christian. Atheism inspires people to make the most of now and to want to build a fairer more tolerant society, without religion what reason do people have to be sexist, homophobic or racist? Your work makes people realise this. I would love to meet you one day.

Lindsay x

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