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Jan 29, 2013

Hello there,

I was raised as a catholic child, attended a catholic school and a catholic university and I tried to sincerely live with faith in God and Jesus until the truth set me free not so long ago. It really was a relief to unload this burden of latent guilt and thoughts control, like stripping off the clothes and start running naked on the seashore (well, sort of…).

I was introduced to Richard Dawkins through his documentary “Root of all evil” and I kept on searching for more material like this until I made up my mind.
It was easier than I ever thought it would be.

I would like to share, however, some quick reflexions about Jesus’ words which basically said that god is Love and that Love is the light of our human lives.

Well, it is interesting to notice that Einstein’s equations proved that Energy is related to Matter by (the square of) the speed of light. It has been proven that we are made of matter, atoms and molecules, created in the heart of stars, which are the fundamentals of the visible universe, our universe.

This superior being that many aspire to know, that was there at the very beginning of our material universe and will be there until the end of it, is Light. If anything created us, from Energy to Matter, that is Light. If there was one and only god, that cannot be surpassed, that cannot be fully apprehended and that created us, that is the Light and that is scientifically proven.

If the Energy was there at the Big Bang and that the square of the speed of Light was needed to create Matter…Where did the Light came from? Light is a form of Energy that facilitates the creation of matter in a certain way. This is basically where I get until now, but it seems both fascinating and totally reasonable.

Introducing some poetry in science, which is no sin I suppose, I would like to think that love is indeed another word for the light that transforms Energy to Matter but also Matter to Energy in our human lives. And what is love if not a form of energy, between matter and energy. Turn the light off and there is no creation anymore. Kill the love and you only get dead matter. Even the laws of thermodynamics can be helpful to talk about love : there is no such thing as evil, like there is no such thing as cold. Evil is the lack of love such as cold is the lack of heat. Why could be killing the greatest evil of all, well, maybe because Energy will turn into matter in the entropic way while life can turn a breakfast into laughters and smiles, thanks to the square of the speed of light.

Science can be inspiring and beautiful, too.

With thanks and warm regards,

Alain J. Kaczorowski

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