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Jan 29, 2013

Hello Dr. Dawkins,

I consider you my role model because very few people in this world have the courage to acknowledge the truth, and even fewer have the courage to step up and speak in favor of that truth, and you are certainly one of them. I am a recent college graduate, and although I was born in a Hindu family in India, I am currently working in New York. Though my parents are religious, they never forced their religious views on me and my sister when we were growing up, and this helped me immensely to read and know more about other religious and non-religious view points. I remember studying about evolution as a kid in school in India, however it was just taught like any other topic in science, with no out of ordinary interest or passion. Perhaps, this was the reason why evolution did not stand out to me very much during my school years. I had never given a serious thought to the idea of god before, but when I moved to America for my college education, people often asked me if I was a Hindu, and though I always said yes, it was always followed by the disclaimer…Hindu, but only on paper.

Though I have always enjoyed the cultural aspects of Hinduism, such as festivals and other occasional gatherings, I never really felt any close connection to any supernatural being or god as such. Once in college, and being a science major, I read more in depth about evolution and its driving force namely natural selection. And gradually, Charles Darwin’s simple yet magnificent theory made so much of sense. The overwhelming evidence, both in the form of physical evidence and genetic evidence made me realize that indeed our world is a culmination of the long hard work done carefully by nature, and not some supernatural power. I must also add that your book ‘The God Delusion’ has had an everlasting impact on me, and there are very few books that are capable of doing that!

I always try and read up on your current and past work whenever I get a chance, and I am fortunate to be born in an age when we have great thinkers like you in the world. I now call myself a non-believer of god, instead a believer of reason and thinking, and I wish more people could use their brain to think rationally rather than to propagate superstition and fear in the society of something we ought to grow out of so that we can appreciate the meaning of life to the fullest, based on true and unshakeable evidence.

Thanks for spreading the true knowledge and I hope you keep doing so!



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