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Jan 29, 2013

To whom it may concern,

I was brought up in a semi-Christian home. We didn’t go to church
every week but we did have the general belief in [god] and Jesus. I
was very strongly into Christian music; it was a source of comfort for
me everyday. Starting about 2 years ago I had a series of epiphanies
which continue to occur to this day. I would like to invite you to
share thoughts on a few of them.

I find happiness and hope in the fact that I have been privileged to
exist when it is very improbable that I would have existed in the
first place. DNA is capable of creating nearly an infinite number of
beings (within each species). To bring the truth of this statement to
a palpable explanation; the probability that you or I would chance to
be born instead of someone else is less than 1 and all the atoms in
the known universe. However, I have been born; I have the chance to
enjoy life and to help others realize just how lucky they are to be

I did not come into this world so that I may perpetuate a myth told by
fearful people in the age of bronze. These people had very little
understanding of the world or universe for that mater. Maybe they had
to create something to give them solace. One could argue that religion
was created to be used as a governing device; this is not a ridiculous
theory considering that nearly all the wars of humanity have been the
outcome of religious conflict. Here in the 21st century we now
understand a great deal more but it has been due to no thanks of
religion. Religion hinders the ability to advance our knowledge and
deters our attempts to understand the nature of the universe.

I am currently reading a book called The End of Faith. It makes a
disturbing idea stand out in my mind like boldface 72pt font on a
sheet of paper. Religious extremism, as we see in the Middle East is
quite dangerous. Given these people are motivated by an eternal ideal
that if they kill infidels and are killed in honor of there holy acts,
they will ascend to heaven and be a martyr for all time. **Now mix
that 14th century idealism with 21st century weapons…**

People argue that most believers are not like that, they are good
people. They are moderate believers and don’t take their book
literally. That is absolutely true. However, allowing people to
practice this belief system without being questioned about its value
or validity, gives plenty of leeway for extremists to prove their
faith. It provides a type of cover for the would-be murderers; these
extremists have a lawful belief system which supports the atrocities
they commit. (Individuals may not support it but their/your scripture
demands it.)

Also to add further to this point, briefly. The so called insane
‘extremists’ we see murdering people in the Middle East are actually
the strongest and purest of faith. If you pick up the Koran or the
Holy Bible and take a week or two to read through them you will
realize that [god] in either case is far, far, very, very far indeed,
from being a moderate. He is an extremist in every way. Every
nonbeliever is to be killed. Every blasphemer is to be killed. Those
are both clearly expressed in both holy books. Homosexuals, adulterers
and incestuous people, they are all unclean in the eyes of both
Yahweh/Jesus (Christian) and Allah/Muhammad (Muslim) and are to be

Furthermore how can you expect to get to heaven if you make up your
own meaning from the infallible word of [god]?? It is written very
literally, at no point in either book does it state ‘But remember
don’t take everything [god] says literally’, or anything of the sort.
In fact it is written several times, in both, that the word of [god]
is simply that, nothing less, nothing more. So I don’t see where
people are getting this idea that the bible is metaphoric. I suppose
the ‘infallible’ word of [god] just doesn’t support the known facts so
the religious have to make excuses for their beliefs.

In the Bible it is stressed that if you witness someone trying to lead
another to a strange [god], meaning away from [The LORD] you are to
investigate it, ensure it is true that he is committing this offense.
Then you are to take the sword to him and everyone in the town; gather
all the possessions of the townspeople and set them on fire, for they
are impure and the people are unworthy of life.

So if we actually follow this heinous, fictional writing as fact.
Adolph Hitler and his regime, (It has been argued that Hitler was a
nonbeliever, however if you take the time to read a biography or two
on him, you will realize he was of strong Catholic faith. It doesn’t
take a genius to realize it though, his initial motivation was to
eradicate, in his own words: ‘Christ Killers’) all the murderous
crusaders, demonizing witch hunters and all the suicidal lunatics in
the middle east, are all going to heaven. All the nonbelievers,
intellectually ambitious, natural humans and moderate religious are
all going to hell. The ultimate goal of [god] seems to be: kill all
infidels. It sure is a good feeling that rational people out number
the extremists 10,000,000 to 1, or do we? Either way it’s not an
unstoppable force, if people would let go of their ancient dogmas,
wake up to reality and realize what is going on here, we will save the
human species. If not, the numbers will continue to grow and within a
few hundred years this planet let alone our species could very well
cease to exist.

If there ever were a threat to humanity it surely is irrational belief
without evidence and a willingness to die and kill to spread that

It seems that human morality has evolved far beyond that of religious
morality. According to the never changing infallible word of [god] it
is okay to murder for trifling reasons, such as: using birth control,
practicing homosexuality in their private life or even having the
intelligence to question the ludicrous claims of the Holy Scripture.
We modern Human Beings (at least most of us) realize that these acts
are private matters and it is wrong to sentence those to indefinite
torcher or death for committing them. [God] would have their heads on
a platter. (Now that’s a metaphor. Or is it?) So why do we cling to
the idea of a [god] who is so far from being as decent, caring and
understanding as we are?

I hope you may find the answer here in the real world, there is far
more wonder and beauty to behold in this world than any holy book
could ever attempt to offer.

Thank you for being open minded and actually reading this letter.

Jason Agronox Adams

P.S. I encourage you to think about and research everything I’ve
written here. Expand your mind; we are capable of limitless
achievements. You will find much joy in being enlightened further.

P.P.S I would like to thank my Mother and Father for not deluding my
mind and for allowing me to develop critical thinking faculties. Thank
you. I miss you Dad. I will always love you both.

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