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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I was brought up in a fairly nonreligious home, and by that I mean that my parents didn’t force it down my throat as bad as others. However, my father still argues with me that the red words in the bible are inerrant. I am on chapter 8 of The God Delusion, to which he commented “The delusion that God isn’t real?”. He’s become a bit more hostile, as I’ve become more reasonable and confident in my own knowledge. His beliefs are very detailed to his likings, even as he admits that that is what everyone tends to do.

I’m 18 in October this year, raised in East Texas of the Bible Belt. There are less than 10 atheists I know and can discuss in person with here. However, I’ve taken up the fight against ignorance and blind faith. I think I’ve successfully turned my mother into a deist, at least. In her eyes, “in the end, you’re better off believing than not.”

I was merely agnostic for the past 3 years, before which I believed, in your Einsteinian sense of the word, deism, generally. This year, beginning as a closet atheist, I’ve started reading more books, particularly evolutionary psychology and the science of superstition (also the name of a book I plan to read, aka Supersense), and hardly anything fiction (save the bible!). I’ve become a very militant atheist, thanks to my friends turning me to your book, among others, such as Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus. Here, I’d like to thank you personally for your incredible work!

I’ve heard of the event that you’re speaking at in Houston on October 5th! I’d really love to go, but I’m afraid either tickets will sell out before I can convince my father to order one, or, of course, I won’t convince him. Already, he claims it to be a waste of time and a step in the wrong direction in expanding my mind.

Again, thank you, and I would hope that once I am able to go to such an event, that you could come back to Texas (if I’m still here at that point) for another event!



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