Ugly, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(321)

Jan 30, 2013

Just some more atheist propaganda. You atheists take the truth and twist it into a lie. Duh?!? Who is responsible for the flood? The people and their wickedness in their hearts. God (since then) is never responsible for any violent death. Duh?!? Ever hear of free will. God does not interfere if you want to go out and kill someone. You will pay for your crime one way or another. What goes around comes around. God can intervene with intercessory prayer. And does. You atheist Dawkins arse lickers are just so dumb, clueless and hateful. Know what you are talking about if you want to criticize Christianity. You just sound so ignorant with the things you write.

Duh!?! Brian I came to this site which is nothing more that a hate Christians site. You started the hate. I respond to it.

Atheists are anything but rational people. The most famous atheists are mass murderers. Do you call that rational?


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