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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Asshole,

Wow I guess you are a brilliant man aren’t you? You believe that in depriving the world of a belief that has persisted since the dawning of man can better it and make it freer, more enlightened, and more peaceful? The answer is: no, it can’t. For countless years, religion has given people peace and belief in a paradise that exists after death where they will be rewarded for their hard work and years of labor where they can unite and be free. You seem to claim that this is not possible. However, what is not possible is being able to prove or disprove that such a utopia exists, but your supposed intelligence claims that it does not exist, and neither does a god. Now, seeing how I major in history (as you do not), I have seen exactly how much of an affect differing religious beliefs have had on humanity and the countless lives that have been lost in the conflicts. I have also seen the corruptions and vices that have occurred in the Catholic Church since its creation. However, the harms of the Catholic Church should not make one completely dispose of religious belief.
I notice that one of your creeds in disproving the existence of religion is the Theory of Evolution. Now, there is no doubt that Charles Darwin was a brilliant man (I have in fact read his works), and I do not disagree with his theory, but that DOES NOT MAKE ME AN ATHEIST. Haven’t you ever believed that his theory is the answer to how there is a god and not why? The various genetic mutations and freak occurrences that occurred in human development could not have just been coincidence. And besides, Darwin was agnostic (that means that the existence of god can neither be disproved nor proven), he was not an atheist. Various brilliant men (you not being among them) have attempted to discover the true nature of god, and whole lifetimes have been devoted to attempt to solve the age old question, however they were unsuccessful. I highly doubt that you will be the one to do so and solve mankind’s biggest mystery.

Now to your point about the role of science and religion; Blaise Pascal, a brilliant thinker who lived in the age of the scientific revolution, did an amazing job at discovering the ties between religion and science. He believed that atheist and deists overestimated reason and believed that reason could not solve the problems of human nature and destiny, and that belief in religion drove the human races towards perfection. He also made a famous wager among his skeptics: he argued belief in God benefits the believer either way. If God does in fact exist, everything is gained by the believer, but if he does not exist, nothing is gained or lost. He was convinced of the fact that belief in God improved humans both psychologically and increased moral discipline (regardless of God’s existence).

Thank you for reading this and I hope you take some points into consideration,
Trevor M.

P.S. I congratulate you on your appearance on the Comedy Central sitcom South Park with a truly stunning performance.

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