Ugly, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(454)

Jan 30, 2013

I have read your book on God Delusion and find it extremely an inaccurate and intellectually dishonest book. I am recommending that it should be vehemently debated and put down as a piece of 'garbage'!! Here are two glaring mistakes you have made which strikes out in your face if you happen to believe in that 'naked ape'!

1. you say in your book that many of Jesus' disciples disagreed with him on His Divinity, specially Thomas,etc whom you quote as saying that JESUS did many miracles when He was with them like turning water into wine,etc. So if Thomas, Philip,(the nostic guys!)saw what He did, then why is it that Jesus cant be the Son of God?? illogical argument on your part or sheer dishonesty!

2. The four Gospels have enough archaeological and eye witness historical proof for their authenticity! not to mention an 'evolutionist' trying to disprove the word of God! You say that 4 unknown people wrote the gospels?? May I ask you, who was JOHN?? for your info, he was the most loved disciple of Jesus, an EYE WITNESS to all what happened during the life of Jesus and his teachings and miracles,etc!! you may have to come down from that ivory tower of Oxford and read the Bible and learn the simple truths which have been handed down through the ages! good luck,please answer my questions and I too just like you, is an acedemic, a biochemist, who have studied evolution for a long period of time and found it empty and a full of 'garbage'!! have a good day! Prof. N.D., USA!


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