Ugly, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(462)

Jan 30, 2013

I noticed on your web page you bragged confidently about how you accuratley answered all of the question in the session of C-span at Langsron U. And how nobody could trip you up.

I must have been watching a differnt show than you because I remember a certain youn man asking how the universe could bring itself into exsitence given the known properties of the universe.

Now Mr. Dawkins YOU WERE VISIBLY SHAKEN AND SOUNDED LIKE COMPLETE IDIOT TRYING TO ANSWER THE QUESTION. Did you really hear what you said, and I quote, “If we try to explain the universe and then trying to explain God as its creator, we are going to have a much harder time trying to explain God”

Duh, Rocket Scientist, that why he is the creator and called God, Moron. Did you really expect him to be as simple minded as U are.

No Mr Dawkins you were not the master you thought you were that night. I also noticed you were so obviouly shaken you told the young man to sit down, possibly due to the fact he was going to embarras you some more.

No matter what you guys do you cannot get around the obvious question, that makes you and youR kind COMPLETE FOOLS.

I issue this challenge to you, I will meet you in discussion any place or time on these matters, there no way I can lose.

(From Staff: honestly, we are not making these up!)

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