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Jan 30, 2013

Mr. Dawkins,

I don't know much about you or your attempts to disprove the existance of God. I have never read your books and I probably never will. I do commend you for your education and achievements (only those that have been somewhat meaningful and progressive in humanity) but I obviously believe you are wrong.

I read some of the comments in you “bad” file in the link “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” and found many to be humorous as well as clear and sensible. However, I am disturbed at those who so-called converted from Christianity to atheism, which I viewed in the “Converts Corner”.

The reason I am sending you this comment is not to argue a case for Theism or Christianity, you will not be convinced. I understand that you do not wish to believe in Christianity. Of course to you the whole concept must be stupid and irrational. I would simply like to remind you that if you are wrong and the Bible is right the only thing left for you is the just wrath of God. I know, I know, my God is vindictive and cruel if he would actually send people to hell. Only someone with a lack of understanding in justice would respond in that way but I am not moved by such ridiculously humanistic responses.

On the other hand, if the Bible is wrong (which it isn't) then I will be as well off as you in the end. Consider this Mr. Dawkins: You will die eventually, whether it be a natural or unnatural death. You will face the God you have rejected and fought against and you will receive what is rightfully yours. Delusion is strong thing, and to be self deluded is an even stronger thing, for this is the hardest delusion to break free from. Have a nice day.

It doesn't matter what we believe, what matters is what is true; and what is true is true whether we believe in it or not.


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