US States proposing anti-science bills


Several US states are once again attempting to introduce
legislation that would allow for teachers to promote religious beliefs contrary to scientific information that they find to be “controversial,” all in the
guise of academic freedom.

Phil Plait writes of one proposed bill in Colorado that
would, according to Eugenie Scott, allow teachers “to
miseducate students about evolution, whether by teaching creationism as a
scientifically credible alternative or merely by misrepresenting evolution as
scientifically controversial.”

Bill HB 13-1089 states that “The provisions
of the acts direct teachers to create an environment that encourages students
to intelligently and respectfully explore scientific questions and learn about
scientific evidence related to biological and chemical evolution, global
warming, and human cloning.”

Read more on Phil Plait’s analysis of the

Meanwhile in Missouri, the House of
Representatives proposed the Missouri Standards Act, which states public
schools must teach intelligent design with evolution and that textbooks must “give
equal treatment to biological evolution and biological intelligent design.”

You can read more about the Missouri Bill
at Raw Story

Finally, the National Center for Science
Education has a story about Arizona Senate Bill 1213, which states that its aim
is to “create an environment in schools that encourages students to explore
scientific questions, learn about scientific evidence, develop critical
thinking skills, and respond appropriately and respectfully to differences of
opinion about controversial issues” and to “assist teachers to find
effective ways to present the science curriculum as it addresses scientific

The bill considers evolution, origins of
life, and global warming to be controversial. NCSE’s website has further
information about the Arizona bill

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  1. “US States proposing anti-science bills”

    The only way to be anti-science is to be a scientist. They test and challenge the status quo all the time. If these creationists really want to achieve that, then they should drop the bible and pick up a text book.

  2. I need a softer desk. My head can’t take being slammed against the current one for much longer.

  3. The US educational system is lagging behind countries like China, Japan, Korea, Poland, Estonia, Canada, etc. (16 countries in total) in literacy and math and is jeopardizing America’s future economic prosperity. US schools are turning out chronic underachievers due to the failing educational system. The Federal government needs to get a handle on standardizing educational programs across the country to improve America’s educational standards. Religious teachings take away from an already less than stellar rating, is not a prerequisite for a post secondary education and should not be financed by the federal government.

  4. In reply to #4 by Sjoerd Westenborg:

    I need a softer desk. My head can’t take being slammed against the current one for much longer.

    You need to evolve a solid skull like the people proposing the Bills in the article

  5. My worry in this case is whether the politicians who will be voting on these challenges to the educational standards and syllabi have the knowledge and integrity to make the right decisions. Although I do not advocate Plato’s views on politics, I do see here that he had a point! Should the scientifically ignorant even get a look-in on the discussion of what goes into the science syllabus of a state educational system?

  6. The fascist,forceful,fairy,faithful are at it again.
    Perhaps this is good as it may encourage the increasing number of religious sceptics out of their apathy.
    Support for educational backwardness should be the subject of legislative action.

  7. Sigh!

    The never ending battle against lies, stupidity and, unfortunately, the American way.

  8. Bishop Ussher claimed it was 4004 BC so add 2013 years and we get 6017 years old (correct my maths if I’m wrong some-one please). So let’s at least get our dogma more precise.

  9. Teach the controversy? teach a pack of religious inspired fucking lies more like it these moronical fuckwits are only interested in taking which ever country allows them to peddle their wares back to the stone age.

  10. A couple of years ago, professor Bruce Waltke, a respected OT scholar at the Reformed Theological Seminary here in Central Florida made a remark on televsion that suggested the church should accept evolution or be branded as a cult. They fired him. So much for “teach the controversy.” Apparently it only flows one way.

  11. In this day and age ? Is there not somthing in the U.S constitution about quality of education ?

  12. In reply to #15 by thebaldgit:
    Politicians will continue to do this as long as their electorate finds the truth regarding evolution in conflict with the “bible” because they are mostly cynical opportunists. Any politician who believes that the power of “prayer” changes anything in the real world (like the drought in Texas and Rick Perry’s attempt thru a prayer get-together to persuade god to bring on the rain!) is either seriously deluded or again, an opportunist.
    On the “Evolution is True” (Jerry Coyne) website I came across a new word that describes the mental state of faith-heads: Anoesis, which is defined as – “A state of mind consisting of pure sensation or emotion without cognitive content”

  13. This is the damage that religion does. It is not harmless. It is not mere opinion. It does real damage and is wrecking the education system in this country.

  14. Well, when you take your electioneering funds from religious nutjobs you have to be prepared to dance to their tune. It’s a good thing then, I suppose, that poltiicians don’t have an ounce of conscience or care for the public good anyway. This won’t bother them and they can hold their grubby little hands out for more crumbs as they need them. Praise the Lord!!!

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