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Jan 29, 2013

Watching Richard Dawkins and others like Christopher Hitchens debate
things has really opened my eyes. It’s almost inconceivable for most
Americans, and definitely taboo, to argue against faith in an invisible

I’ve gone from pissing my life away, to have a total conversion and
being a bible thumper, thinking that I had found the answers, to fading
out on faith and just living my life, to finally asking myself, what do
I really believe.

I wasted too much time worrying about punishment from God, and the more
I question his existence or the ridiculousness of the Christian’s
claims, the more I think I’m on the right track by just looking at the
scientific evidence.

The hardest part for me I think, is that I have close family members
that are very religious, and I feel kind of let down because the years
that they’ve spent worshiping this made-up deity, they’ve taken
themselves away from the people that really care about them in life,
their family.

Sincerely and best regards,


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