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Jan 29, 2013

To Mr Dawkins and anybody else out there in the illuminating sunlight (not the fog).

Very quickly, I was lent The Selfish Gene several years ago which got me thinking but it was The God Delusion that changed everything…. I must say, it didn’t make up my mind; what it did do was help me use my mind to collate and critically assess the evidence before me. I have never been a church goer and was what Richard has described as a fence sitter… not really believing or in fact liking religion but keeping it locked away ready for use at any time (like the multitude out there, I was hedging my bets).

Not anymore!

There is beauty in evolution; after all, what is more satisfying? is it plagiarising a piece of work? Copying a photo? Walking past a prefab house? Or is it writing a book? Spending months modelling stone to form a image? Standing beneath the walls of century old buildings which had taken decades to build (I was thinking of the pantheon…art and science are apparently not without a sense of irony)… Good things, wonderful things, unique things, awe-inspiring things are not created in 6 days or a blink of an eye… they take months, years, even millennia; and rightly so… it is the time invested in them that make them so worth while.

I apologise for any grammar mistakes…it is 1 am and I really should be in bed.

Once again, thank you Richard Dawkins

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