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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins:

I have watched your interesting programmes on evolution versus faith in God. I am not an atheist, but I fully agree with your comments on religion based on your experiences with Christians, especially the fundamentalists. But I have a comment on your discussion with the Anglican priest who agreed with you as far as science is concerned, but who explained the intervention of God as a kind of indefinite moments of miraculous suspensien of the laws of nature. I squarely disagree with him in spite of his otherwise good apology for the Christian faith.

An idea which a time ago came to me as a kind of revelation, is that the laws of nature are absolutely perfect in spite of the minister’s opinion that God had made a kind of mistakes, but reason itself tells us that the number of natural laws must be infinite, and therefore “everything” might be possible. Therefore we shall never be able to obtain a full understandig of the laws of nature, i spite of the fact that we see new comprehensions and new discoveries of fascinating natural laws. Every “miracle” in the Bible happens according to the laws of nature (provided the stories are related to historical facts), but men’s “perception” of them has veiled these events in an aura of divinity.

A Christian should say that God has made the infinite number of laws i nature, and never regretted them. My view of the laws of nature should give space for faith i God (defined otherwise than fundamentalists and traditionalists do), agnosticism, and atheism as well.

I hope to read your comment on my idea about the infinity of the laws of nature. (I have no academic education, and my English may not be perfect, please forgive me that)


Kristen Falch Jakobsen

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