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Jan 29, 2013

Grats on a great site to all at – although I was an atheist before encountering Richard’s books and website, I came away with a great deal more knowledge, and a greatly improved ability to debate with theists, and spot their cheeky little tricks.
I’m sure you get a mountain of correspondences like this one clogging up your inbox, but you’re getting another one anyway because you are directly responsible for broadening the horizons as well as entertaining countless people such as myself, and it’s only polite to say ta.
I was thinking of writing a joke anti-Dawkins letter to pass the time at work, but after reading ‘The Ugly’ section of your letters page I realise that, once again, satire has had it’s balls well and truly cut off by the nutters of the world, and I’m simply not up to task of making these rabid loonies look any more ridiculous than they already do themselves.
Keep up the good work, it’s nice to have an eloquent spokesperson out there in the public eye, even if a lot of folks out there keep mistaking you for a high priest of the non-existent Church of Atheism…

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