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Jan 29, 2013

It seems a strange thing, to formally announce or renounce as the case may be a religion or belief in god. I was always open minded about the idea of god, except for a small blip in my adolescence when I bowed to peer pressure and joined a social/Christian group that all my friends were going to. Once that phase was over, I knew that I strongly disagreed with religion, all religion. I disagreed with it as a concept, teaching people to accept and believe rather than question and think independently. All of the progress that has ever been made throughout the ages has been because of people challenging the way things have always been done, the things that have been blindly accepted and I feel that blindly accepting information is a dangerous thing to teach.

I always felt that the content of most religions was deeply misogynist and being a woman I couldn’t bring myself to agree with something that demeaned my own status as a human; it didn’t seem to make sense.

Recently, I stumbled across a YouTube clip of Richard Dawkin’s “what if you’re wrong clip” and became instantly intrigued as to who this man is. I began watching more and more YouTube videos on evolution, natural selection and various interviews with embarrassingly ignorant people around the world. I began this YouTube clip-a-thon at about 5pm one night and by 7pm I was convinced of atheism!

Thank you.


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