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This episode features the director of the Centre for Public Christianity John Dickson; theoretical physicist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss of the Origins Project; Health Minister Tanya Plibersek; the Shadow Minister for Climate Action Greg Hunt; and doctor and commentator and author Cindy Pan.
Here are the questions the panel faced this week.


Jenni Stoddart asked: Science claims more than method. It claims to offer future hope. However in itself it science provides no ethical boundaries to shape this. With the values of God and faith excluded, what will be left to measure the impact of science on human life?

Karey Harrison from Harristown, QLD asked via video: I expected my children to be taught science in science classes at the local state school. So I was a bit angry when my son was taught a creation story about of the origin of the universe in his Year 11 physics class at the local high school. My son didn’t want me to do anything because he was concerned about possible repercussions for his grades which in QLD, count towards university entrance. So I want to know from the panel what your attitude towards teaching religion in science classes and to Tanya and Greg, in particular, what you and your parties will do to stop religion being taught in our science classes?


Cathy Byrne from East Ballina, NSW asked via video: My question is for Laurence Krauss: You may know that some evangelical religious groups have direct access to children in state schools in Australia. My research has shown that some of these organisations teach that man and dinosaurs lived together, that the earth is only 6000 years old and that children will burn in hell if they don’t read the Bible everyday. How might teaching children such things in our state system effect Australia’s future?
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  1. John Dickson is running for Most Annoying Australian of the Year 2013. It’s unusually early in the year for him to declare his bid but he’s made a spectacular start.

    Laurence Krauss was brilliant.

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