Do you believe in your Grandfather?, Fri, Feb 08 2013 #(1892)

Feb 8, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,
Why does it come, you so much oppose God? Are you a Masonic or a Satanist?
I’ve just visited your facebook page, and I’m somewhat astonished. You write there for example that true understanding of Darwinism corrodes religious faith.

Now, might I ask you, do you believe in your Grandfather? Why? Because you have seen him don’t you? How much does the understanding of Darwinism shake your faith in your Grandfather? Not at all, because the fact that you have seen your Grandfather is enough to you, even you might not see him anymore because he might have passed away.

Might I ask you, how many people are out there who have seen Jesus? How many people are out there who can feel God every morning when they pray? How many people are out there who have been to heaven? How many people are out there who can hear the voice of Jesus everyday in their heart, and who can give countless testimonies about prophecies that have been fullfilled?

So why is it, that you’ve never seen Jesus, that you’ve never felt him, that you’ve never heard his voice, so you feel justified to tell the world there is no God?

Is it because you have never asked God if he exists?

Are you too proud to ask God if he exists, and rather tell the whole world a lie, when it would be that easy to know the truth?

P.S. If you’re interested, I can explain to you, why God is not directly visible on this earth, and why God is mostly hidden from mankind. It has to do with the calling that is upon mankind.

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