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Feb 3, 2013

Dear mr Dawkins
Apperently you admit that science has no answere inspite of Szostak, Rebek, Urey-Miller, Fox, Sutherland, Lenksi, Venter and all those other guys that went after the “gold” of making living cells out of chemical elements. Apperently you folks have no answere to that scientific question of making life. And you have no proof for abiogenesis-evolution as well. If so then deliver it; publically. Be a man and be a man of science and deliver the world final test of life out of chemicals mr Dawkins or stop assaulting christian-creationists. But you even don´t dare to answere my questions as you clearly proof here on your own foundations site. I confront you with the most fundamental question science MUST answere and you hide and s(n)eek yourself away and in doing so censuring my comments. That is why you deleted my comments via edgar korteweg, aubergine and gerard jacobs. Are you afraid mr Dawkins that science has absolutely no answere to that fundamental question were life originated from ? Then why do you call abiogenesis-evolution proven science indoctrinating people on all levels… while it is NOT part of science and certainly NO proven fact and the question is if it will ever become science… I doubt it… what you have shown to the entire world is that science is fraudulous, indoctrinative, propagandistic and dictatorial in this type of research concerning abiogenesis-evolution. If not; then be a man and deliver the scientific proof of chemical life origination and deliver the cell and the evolved worm from it; first from the laboratory and then from supposed “real life” situation as it supposedly has emerged supposedly 3.8 billion yrs ago.
edgar korteweg, aubergine, gerard jacobs

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