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Feb 19, 2013

Respected Professor Dawkins,

I am a keen admirer of your ideas and your passion towards rendering scientific explanations to every possible questions. I would like to thank you to teach me the fact that not every question can be deemed a bright one, and it is important to know what questions to ask. Nevertheless please excuse me if the following question seems trivial as I do not happen to be very deft in your field.

My question relates to the natural selection and the sex ratio. I am an Indian coming from Northern India, where the practice of female foeticide is quite prevalent. Do you think that in due time this could affect the population of girls in India? As in, the dominant desire to produce male child could over the years bring about a change in the way sperms shall interact with the ovum with more males being naturally born? If not, then how do you think the problem of female foeticide/infanticide shall reflect over the societal changes over a large period of time?

I am an electronics engineer and quite naive in the field of evolutionary biology. Infact most of what I know come from a few youtube lectures and your talks that I have recently heard. Any response from you or anyone visiting your site shall be extremely satisfactory for a start.

All the best wishes for the new movie with Dr. Krauss.

With sincere regards,

Chetan JOSHI

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