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Feb 7, 2013

We are atheists from India. Probably one of the worst countries to be atheist. We are trying to bring up our son without the lie about God but we seem to be fighting a losing battle. Everywhere we turn there is a religious person doing something religious which of course really intrigues our curious 5 year old and sometimes I have a feeling he really believes in Krishna, Shiva etc (Hindu ‘Gods’).

We were born Roman Catholics but we discovered the truth a few years back. My husband in his teens and myself about 3 years back. It was difficult journey for me but lot of things made sense.

I’d like to tell you about an incident which happened a few days back. My son had gone to his friends house and I went over to feed him his evening soup. So the little friend who is my son’s age said, ‘Oh you’re having Christian soup?’ Now these people are very nice but are devout Hindus. They don’t know about us being atheist but they do know we were Christians. I was a little intrigued so I asked him what is a Christian soup. He said I don’t know but M (his 9 years old sis) told me.

My intrigue did change to irritation. I am sure this Christian thing did not come from within the family but from the girl’s friends. Since when did foods starts being classified as Hindu, Christian and Muslim. And what the hell is Christian soup? At least if it was a chicken soup I could have understood considering most Hindus are pure vegetarians.

Needles to say I was really irritated not because of the remark but because even in this day and age young children in India are already starting to differentiate between themselves based on religion. That has never been good for anyone.

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