‘God Loves Uganda’ Film Exposes ‘Violent’ Evangelical Movement Targeting Gays?


 “God Loves Uganda,” a controversial new documentary, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah last week, seeking to expose what the filmmakers say is the dark side of Christian evangelism in African countries.

“The world has never had an up-close look at how anti-gay animus is exported from the United States to places like Uganda,” said Andre Banks, executive director and co-founder of All Out, a gay rights advocacy group. “‘God Loves Uganda’ shows us how the U.S. culture war is being shipped wholesale to Africa, sometimes unknowingly, but always with disastrous consequences. The film should be required viewing.”

The film argues that conservative evangelical Christian churches, aware of the declining trend of belief in America, are spreading out into Africa, where they hope to foster an anti-gay fervor among the increasingly religious African population. A growing number of African countries, like Uganda, have been reporting explosive growths in Christianity, according to the film.

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Roger Ross Williams makes it clear, however, that his documentary does not try to portray all or even most Christians in a negative light. A number of the commentators in the film are African pastors who have seen the anti-gay conservative movement spread around the continent, which they say is a danger to human rights.

Williams, who says grew up in the black church but was later rejected when he came out as gay, focuses on a group of evangelical Christians in Uganda and their evangelism efforts.

Written By: Stoyan Zaimov
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  1. A related television special exploring the extreme and rampant homophobia in Uganda, that some might find of interest.

    “Scott Mills travels to Uganda where the death penalty could soon be introduced for being gay. The gay Radio 1 DJ finds out what it’s like to live in a society which persecutes people like him and meets those who are leading the hate campaign.”

    The World’s Worst Place to be Gay?

  2. Charge these evangelical groups with hate crimes and crimes against humanity in international courts. Lay responsibility for every child and woman killed for being a so-called “witch” and every gay person beaten, tortured and killed directly at their feet. Christians have gotten away with it for centuries, but no more.

  3. I keep saying on these pages about religion being used as a weapon and in these circumstances it is highly appropriate, people who think that their mumbo-jumbo allows them to hurt and even kill people should always be treated as the criminals they are.

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