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Feb 19, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins
I thank you for fighting for nonbelievers like us in your crusade against irrational beliefs. In my opinion, the most vile thing about religion is its indoctrination of children and its disgusting thoughts on minorities such as gays, nonbelievers and other groups. I respect your thoughts on faith schools and I agree that it is in every child to be a curious and skeptical but indoctrination changes that. It changed who I was. I was an adamant believer in God until I reached 18. My family is religious and I still have not told them since I worry constantly about the consequences. I stopped going to church and I believe if it were not for people like you in the crusade against irrational faith, I would still believe in a flying spirit in the sky. I wish you luck in your quest to promote reason and critical thinking to humanity and most atheists are examples of good people who want to live free without gods and other nonsense. I want to thank you for your words in the end of The Root of All Evil movie in that becoming an atheist means that I gain more meaning in this life, instead of the supposed next. You are one of the most inspiring scientists of this century. Thank you very much! I vote Richard Dawkins for GOD!!!!!
May Reason Prevail

A Huge Fan

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