If we are descended from . . . how come there are still . . .


This is similar to a post that was put up on Dec 17 last year where the topic was "I'm an atheist because…"
In that we had listed a number of Twitter posts then invited people to add their own.  The comment length is also restricted here to140 characters. This helps get past the very ephemeral nature of Twitter and allows people to comment on the same topic for a bit longer.

Pictured below is a sampling of the tweets. Link to all tweets between 1-Feb and 2-Feb which includes links back to each of the authors.

Written By: Richard Dawkins
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  1. If dogs descended from wolves, how come there are still wolves? To keep the sheep population in check.

  2. If we are all descended from dust of the ground (Genesis 2:7) how come there is still dirt? So we can be reminded that we are dirt and will end up as dirt. Now just put a little dirt on your third eye to remember this.

  3. If Islam descends from christianism, which in turn descends from judaism, why are there still jews and christians?

  4. Why can two branches stem from the same tree? Well, trees would be seriously unbalanced otherwise.

  5. If we are descended from apes, how come apes don’t turn into humans now? (Quote: Christine O’Donnell potential US politician)

  6. It toilet paper comes from trees then why don’t I get splinters when I wipe my ass.

  7. If radar research led to the development of the eminently successful microwave oven, why are we still using radar?

  8. If the phrase ‘Adam and Steve’ came from the phrase ‘Adam and Eve’ then why are there still straight people?

  9. If we are all intelligent human beings then how come there are still people talking about this?

  10. If people came from chimps how come Ray Comfort doesn’t understand how bananas work?

  11. i dont understand here.are we supposed to ask dumb questions?i opend my back door, so why is the back door still here if i opened it

  12. i have all the ingredients for pizza in my pantry so why is there no pizza… cuz i havent made it yet.

  13. its no wonder that aliens havent showed themselves yet. they have access to our internet and can see how dumb some of us are.

  14. we may think our smartest humans are intelligent but its clear to me that were far from a universal intelligence. but its ok. god has r back

  15. i love the science but like on startrek last night… humans have along way to go.were only a semi evolved ape wit violent minds.

  16. If eyes evolved independently over twenty times in the animal kingdom, how come we don’t all have more than twenty independent eyes?

  17. If God made everything that exists, existed, or ever will exist, than who made God?

  18. If the new RDFRS site was next version of old site, why is the old site still working? :))

  19. If there is no God, how come so many people still believe in Him???

    (And what’s more – what can be done about it?)

  20. If I am related to microbes, why do I go through so much Charmin when they pop in for a visit?

  21. If Spider-Man was born from the mind of Stan Lee, then why is that old bastard still alive?

  22. If we all build houses, why are there still caves? To give you somewhere to sit and look at shadows.

  23. Si le français est descendu du latin, por que o Google Translate incluem português.

  24. If i am descended from gods own vision.Why does no one worship the ground i walk on?and why does my wife think im a clown?

  25. If Muslims are descended from Adam and Eve, why are they still prostrate several times a day after thousands of years?

  26. Q.If I am decended from my parents then why are my parents still around?

    A. To indoctrinate you silly.

  27. If I respond to a message in this thread, why does the thread still contain other responses to other messages?

  28. If we lived to be 200 years old, when would the retirement funds kick in and how much would they be worth?

  29. If Prof Brian Cox is descended from a Paramecium how come there are still Creationists?

  30. If we’re all descended from Noah’s family how come you’re allowed out alone?

  31. If Christians came from non-Christians, how come there are still non-Christians around?

  32. I mentioned our common ancestor to an ape and he asked me why there are still humans then?

  33. If Tweets come from my hands, how can I still type? with my feet i guess… but only once!

  34. if everything came from nothing, how come there is still nothing, particularly in my wallet at the end of each month?

  35. If beef is descened from cow meat,how come i am eating horse meat(confused and in the u.k)

  36. If there’s a fork in the road and I take the road to the left, why does the road to the right still exist?

  37. “…and is this really Butte, Montana…or just existential blues?” – Tom T-Bone Stankus, “Existential Blues”

  38. If the discovery in 1935 proved that German scholars in the 19th century were wrong, why does Dawkins still point out their “clear evidence”

  39. If live evolved from inanimate physical processes, how come there are still inanimate physical processes?

  40. How come Germans are better than Kazakhs, but Kazakhs are so vicious that they even keep Russians in check? I hope you find this interesting

  41. If we descend from monkeys, and monkeys descend from trees, how come there are still trees?

  42. If we are all descended from Africa, how come there is still affirmative action, especially in America?

  43. After 40 days without eating Moses took two tablets on Mt.Sinai so why is there still religious crap flying around thousands of years later?

  44. We descended from an animal that looked more like a modern ape then we do today but both us, and chimps are modern primates.

  45. If we are masters of all living things, why do cold viruses knock us out so badly? Because Big Pharma really is the monarch of all they surv

  46. rdwilliamsix #6
    Feb 2, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    If mountains supposedly came from tectonic plates, why don’t we see mountains forming NOW???

    Those well placed to make observations, are probably too busy sheltering from the earthquakes to make measurements of the moving faults!

  47. Arkrid Sandwich #95
    Jan 28, 2017 at 9:34 am

    Are you very very bored Alan?

    This site has been very quiet when I looked in during the past two days, so you will see that I answered a post on this thread @#92 which has since been deleted.

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