Ignorance personified, Good, Sun, Feb 10 2013 #(1869)

Feb 10, 2013

Dear RIchard,
Tonight I had a wonderful evening with friends and new acquaintances, which was marred by the last 30 minutes or so. Ultimately it ended up in me being ejected from the house party I attended. Here’s why.

We began discussing religion and I made the great crime of talking about Islam and its effect on any freethinking society, specifically the UK. I mentioned that any society governed by Islam immediately forfeited rights for women, investigation of claims made by science and free speech. This is proven through historical evidence. I was called a racist and anti-Islamic.

Naturally I fought my position and claimed there was no such thing as Islamophobia, to the severe determent of my social life. I will never be invited back again.

As I sat and had to fight my position I realised how ignorant and naive people are to the immediate threat which we face. To quote Hitchens, “The wolves are not at the door, they are already inside the castle”.

Too much reverence was given to my comment about Islam and none given to my comments about religion in general. How long must we live in such an ignorant society before we start to think about the spread of religion, and the impact it has on our day to day lives? What crimes must we face before people realise there is no good in religion at all? I hope just one of the group remembers my words and decides to act upon them. It’s cost me potential friendship and that’s fine – potential freedom of society is worth a lot more than that.

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