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Feb 10, 2013

There was a story by Paulo Coelho about a corrupt society which couldnt be changed. And a new young king did the best he could for four years but didnt actually change anything. He then was banished along with his family. And his family was very surprised to find a new city 3 days away. It turned out that the king was secretly building this new city and putting the best things in it(along with the best thoughts and democratic tradition). He thought that it was impossible to change the old traditions because they were too corrupt and the people too closed minded.

So what would you say if we could find a secluded territory and start a new civilization. All based on science and reason! Children being taught only the best things: critical thinking, inquiry, open mind, search for new information(of course not without the great literature, art, music etc). Figure out a better educational system(the one that teaches one to develop his mind and not just work towards grades and money).
Might that society in turn make its impact later on the old world?

Best regards!
P.S. you are a great influence and always will be. If there were more people like you – the world would have been a better place.
Juri Schleifman

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